Basecamp is a pioneering leisure vehicle, an alternative to traditional camping and caravanning, it is built for off-grid adventure and designed to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts.
Here’s how we did it.
We reimagined the caravan – smaller, lighter and quirkier. It’s towable by smaller cars, customisable, and suitable for going off the beaten track. It weighs around 1,000kg.
Compact and curvaceous, the chunky bodywork and choice of 13 exterior designs adds distinctive appeal.
Basecamp is seriously spacious. The kitchen and washroom, with built-in shower, lead to the cosy living area with curved roof and large panoramic window for stargazing in bed. Add the fuss-free inflatable awning at the rear to extend living space to 7 metres.
Clever storage, including removable locker bags, makes use of all available space. Wide rear door, foldaway seating and anchor points mean bulky sports kit can be easily and safely stowed.
At night, the foldaway seating quickly converts into two singles or a king-size bed.
When it’s cold outside, stay warm inside with heating and insulation designed for all-year-round use.
It’s been a great success. We doubled production in 2018 after a sell-out firs

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