1.With the improvement of living standards, People not only pursue the tire pattern wear-resisting, but also lower noise, good control stability, shorter braking distance, lower rolling resistance, the ride comfort and the appearance beautiful and so on.
2.Our product, an amazing tire, named is DESERT HAWK AT2,designed for all-terrain, with good off-road performance,the tire tread structure is full wheel tire of full steel and high driving performance, it has strong gripping property and wet skid resistance, good operating performance and self-cleaning ability, prevent aiguille damage and uniform distribution of the ground stress, effectively preventing irregular wear and prolong the service life of the tire
3.The comprehensive selection of sizes is aimed at heavy SUV type 4WD vehicles and pickups, This makes it an ideal choice for those who like to venture off-road but need an assured ride on-road as well.
4.Please refer to picture 2 for specific features of the tire

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