The new Visigo with its new CUMMINS ISB 6.7 engine is upgraded to EURO 6 emission norms.
Visigo provides a comfortable journey to the driver and the passengers with its stylish interior and exterior design. With its capacity up to 39 seats, Visigo offers a high level of comfort to its crew and passengers, just like a full-size coach.
Strong integration of front, rear and sides and the chamfer all around complete the integrated design, give the vehicle a characteristic and aerodynamic look which also reflects on drag coeffieciency.
Home-based textiles, both with its patterns and colors provides a home-comfort feeling while reflecting the style and high class.
The first handrail you grab on the right is transparent polycarbonate with a light integration. In addition to that, when a passenger needs to call the crew via its button on the service unit, the handrail glows red to warn the crew.
9.5 meter overall length of the bus provides better maneuverability in narrow roads of the cities.
Lane departure warning system (LDWS) and Advanced Emergency Breaking System (AEBS). are mounted and tested on Visigo.
Fire warning at engine room is upgraded with fire extinguisher system.

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