IDEAL is AGCO’s new generation of combine harvesters.
IDEAL is another result of AGCO’s efforts to provide innovative solutions to farmers around the world and to grow through superior innovation and quality.
This combine platform also expresses AGCO’s commitment to brand-new designs. The machine is the result of a blank sheet of paper design.
Among many exceptional new features, the IDEAL combine offers full connectivity, a complete and automated adjustment, and Real Time Crop Flow visualization.
IDEAL has at its heart the most efficient processing system ever designed by AGCO. It outperforms on grain ad straw quality, grain handling, power efficiency, and capacity in a wide variety of conditions. The benefits brought by this product include ease of use and optimization of complex harvesting operations. IDEAL provides the efficiency, visibility and the comfort farmers need on the field. IDEAL is also the first high capacity combine with a narrow body. AGCO brings into the market an unexpected product, for all its innovative features but also for its color and style. The IDEAL combine harvester is produced standard with a unique and elegant graphite livery.

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