The SOTETSU 20000 SERIES is a brand new commuter train that aims to enhance the communities along the railway line through design. The SOTETSU 20000 SERIES is planning on running through Yokohama and Tokyo, the metropolis of Japan.

The front was designed with a smooth curved surface and its elegance broke the mold for what a commuter train looks like.
The headlight, especially, was a challenging design as there has never been a commuter train with headlights shaped like this one, making it iconic.

The exterior has been painted into glossy navy blue with perfection, and the smooth three dimensional surface reflects the surrounding scenery conspicuously.

To cope with the extremely crowded commuter train of Japan, the use of glass material on various parts create a simple yet spacious interior. The grey color scheme of the interior provides the passengers a pleasant space. A new train handle was also designed to provide security and comfortability even in a crowded space.

This train was designed to enhance the surrounding locals the train runs through, and to rethink the current state of commuter trains in cities, which are often considered rather uncomfortable.

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