The Navigator is a new luxury coach from Golden Dragon. Designed from the ground up to redefine the Golden Dragon brand. The coach is aimed at a global market and will launch in Europe this year following a launch in the Middle East and China last year.
Based on the findings uncovered through deep insights and evaluation the coach was designed by re-thinking every single interior element. This resulted in an enhanced passenger experience that also elevates the comfort and active safety of the driver and passengers.

The Navigator interior design pays special attention to elements of a coach that are traditionally overlooked. For example, the ceiling is an integral feature of the overall design. The flowing, patterned surfaces combine to bring a feeling of calm to the interior whilst adding an extra layer of considered detail.
Various manufacturing methods were considered to establish optimum solutions to reduce tolerance and fit issues whilst reducing the amount of unwanted visible breaks between parts.

The exterior is kept simple and aimed to elevate the brand a have global appeal.

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