Tomoloo V1 balance vehicle is customized for European and American young people who love sports. It’s design inspiration comes from a Tomahawk weapon warrior in ancient Rome. Tomoloo V1 adopts the design of the whole surface and local section collocation, coupled with the cool lighting embellishment, making product modeling exquisite, full details and strong. Moreover, the concave and convex texture of the footstep not only enriches the details of the product design, but also increases the sensitivity of the foot pedal controller.
This balance car uses Tomoloo’s independent development of the self-balance technology, which enables the vehicle keeping balance while the user is getting on/off the car. This technology ensures that the car will not accidentally turn or accelerate, and avoids the occurrence of accidents, reducing the cost of learning for new users, which greatly enhancing the handling and security.
Tomoloo V1 balanca vehicle has good quality with all the UL certifications that the American balance car industry requires. Also it is equipped with 8 inch widening tires, making running more smoothly, which attracts young people so much.

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