ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor (STSM) is a smart and self-installable Tire Pressure Monitoring System designed to be an external kit to help drivers to upgrade their vehicles’ tire safety.

The Smart Tire Safety Monitor features a USB-powered receiver and 4 external sensors. Working with a smartphone, the receiver simultaneously collects tire information such as temperature and pressure from the sensors and transmits those data to ZUS app via Bluetooth. When a tire puncture and/or excess temperature happen, ZUS STSM instantly detects the problem and give drivers app alerts as well as a visual and audible warning.

ZUS STSM is also equipped with App-Enabled features such as the world-first Slow Leak Detection which normalizes memorized tire information and alerts drivers if a tire gets possible damage. Using ZUS app, drivers can not only check the current tire information but also the whole history data of any tires.

In terms of the hardware, the USB powered receiver gives back a USB output for charging a mobile device or GPS unit. The low-profile sensors can be installed in less than 10 minutes and are able to measure air pressure from 0 to 130 psi.

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