Built-in 32000mAh high capacity green lithium battery which has special formula for safety and smart control ,would satisfy any 12V/24V jumping and other charging such as Digital products and Automotive products.With Strong body, calm temperament, rich functions, excellent quality breed the Power Page, provide nice service for each owner.
Providing jumping current from 600A to 1200A while the vehicle’s engines shutoff caused by no battery or low battery.You would choose to switch 12V or 24V, would jump a wide range of vehicles from Sedan, SUV, truck or even semi-truck.
Multi-outlets not only for charging up the cell phones, tablets and laptops but also would power car-fridges and air-compressors with 12V Cigarette lighter.
3W high-power light, good for out-door lighting.
Built-in 6 smart protections: reverse polarity protection, reverse-charge protection,short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection,over-charge protection and over-discharge protection.

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