Full screen streaming rearview mirror is designed to improve traffic safety products, screen- generation mirror, through the camera to the rear of the car image onto the screen, the rearview mirror products play in digital format; is a design aesthetics as the driving force of the products; surface drawing technology, made more sense of technology and trim on ear like, unique and lovely, break the tachograph rigid shape, real visual integration, concise fashion.
Three screen playback at the same time, the split screen state and make navigation and streaming media, visual navigation and online music can also split screen operation, enhanced intelligent travel experience; in car rearview camera device as above the frame, avoid obstacles, let us get a transparent, no occlusion of the rear view , effectively solve the blind visual spot.
Full intelligence sound control voice operation; the full intelligent touch screen,you can listen to music, phone and map while driving, without the need to emancipate your hands and improve the safety of driving.

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