The design of the car keys comes from the shape of the package on the top of the car and the shape of the steering wheel. The overall use of the middle width of the two narrow design. The shape of the middle frame is adopted in the shape, which makes the whole different from the traditional single form. The upper part of the middle frame is higher than the main body, which is helpful for the user to match the hanging cord and other accessories in the use. The middle frame is designed with the curves and edges of the car’s waist to enhance the design language of the product. On the main body, the front is a touch screen, the black exterior with curved glass, and the logo on the back of the bottom, and the function of „return“ is given. On the back is the car’s switch lock and other keys, the shape of the main body shape, making the whole product more refined and generous. The bottom of the product is designed with the lock screen/evoking key of the car key screen to avoid misoperation in use. The car key whole adopts black and silver gray color collocation, integral material and colorific collocation, let it low-key without losing the avant-garde and technology sense.

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