By reviewing our latest AC level II Gen3 Intelligent charger you can see its stylish but robust design, faster and easier charging UI mode, network compatibility, high quality assurance, the compacted size over other similar products (11.2 x 7.6 x 3.2), and certificated UL & FCC. As for end customer, we provide excellent durability for both indoor & Outdoor use with passed the high level of mechanical impact, water proof, flammability, F1 class of anti-solar radiation.
Liteon Gen3 intelligent charger reflects small size & light weight which save installation space and travel expense. Furthermore, its user-friendly Interface contains OLED display to show the charging status and high brightness LED indicator, Wi-Fi/ 4G/ mobile APP comply as well as six times faster than a standard Level I charger and overnight charge where perfectly fits OBC rating (6.6KW).

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