Dash Camera IROAD TX9 is equipped with a 3.5 inch IPS touch LCD screen, the front camera is equipped with Sony Starvis image sensor (6.0M) to record the brightest and the cleanest image in low light environment, so it provides a much brighter, clearer image than seeing with bare eyes.
TX9 was designed to be slim even with the 3.5inch IPS LCD panel. Dual streamlined structure with black matte for side frames to slim down the device.
The TX9 is a slim rectangular design. The harmony of glossy and matte based on black color emphasizes the luxurious design and it is designed to match harmoniously with any vehicle.
In order to emphasize the appearance of this premium luxury product, an innovative and aesthetically pleasing security LED ring light is placed on the front of the device. When the LED is working, the subtle lighting effect highlights the high-class quality and safety.
The built-in LED on the smooth and flex edge allows you to check for proper operation and increase visibility when inside the vehicle.
With Wi-Fi dongle, it records the video in real-time and transmits it to smartphones to provide a smarter and more user-friendly device to users.

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