The dash cam IROAD Q9 has a compact design which uses metallic aluminum with precision laser cuts for the lens frame so as to emphasize the premium image quality of a high-performance luxury dash cam.

The design showcases a brushed aluminum texture on the body and outline of the security LED to enhance the overall detailed-oriented quality.

The cylindrical lens design allows you to adjust the direction of the lens even after installation on any vehicle, so it can record the perfect driving footage regardless of the type of vehicle.

Although the size is compact, Q9 is equipped with FHD quality video cameras and useful functions. For instance, real-time and recorded footage can be viewed directly on a smartphone, thanks to the WI-FI function.

LED lighting is designed to harmonize with the entire device which is another aesthetic feature of the design.

The product and cradle’s sleek integration design increases stability and convenience while installing and provides a secure mounting.

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