As a new benchmark car in the Chinese B-Class market, RAETON CC, three-box medium-sized sedan, makes its debut with the overall length 4780mm and wheelbase 2770mm.The brand-new design language, which featured an inspired flashy front grille, abandoned the traditional hexagonal grille and created a rich, harmonious front face shape, incorporating a very clean and logical arrangement of elements.The flowing double-waist line design highlights the car body lines in three-dimensional proportional space and presents a graceful and elegant profile.By the valuable big data insights on the users, Changan launches human-centered products with a unique interactive experience that take the user needs and aspect into account. It is the quality design, performance, experience and safety that makes Changan’s product smart, connected and humanized.This model utilizes an innovative design concept „Vitality Motion” that centers on reverence and respect for Nature, life and humanity in oriental culture. It marks the future of Changan’s products changing from the tradition to meet “the function” into “the human needs“, so that the car is no longer a cold machine.

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