LITE is a sub-brand of ARCFOX, a medium-to-high-end electric car brand owned by BAIC BJEV. It is light and convenient. LITE inherits ARCFOX’s design, technology and fun to highlight the unique features of fun and personality.
LITE has a four-color suspension roof, 12 body colors and 4-color wheels, 8 kinds of personalized configuration, providing more than 48,000 kinds of customized combination schemes. LITE is the world’s first car equipped with color display models in the front of and at the rear of the car.
LITE is the first compact car with a lightweight aluminum body + cage frame design models. Compared with traditional welding, the use of innovative riveting connection increases the welding strength by 25% and material tensile strength up to 1800MPa. It’s equipped with ABS + EBD, ASR Non-slip drive system, xenon headlights, anti-dazzle rear-view mirrors, aided reverse system, the safety performance of its small body can be comparable to the B-class car

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