Full of creative ideas, surprising facts, and detailed analyses, the Evonik Magazine enriches public debate in a range of fields with its own input, inviting readers to reflect and offer their thoughts on the topics covered. The high-quality, demanding articles use a variety of stylistic effects, offering a full spectrum of formats from reportage through to case studies and interviews.

The Evonik Magazine works with authentic, high-quality images in reportage style, presented in creative, often unexpected ways: the portrait galleries show whole-page facials of specialists in the lead topic, while Facts & Figures pages feature a colourful mix of smaller news items and infographics. With the innovative cover concept, the front is given over to a new artist every issue who interprets the lead topic from an unorthodox point of view.

The magazine’s target readers are opinion leaders and decision-makers from the wider economy, from research and technology, and from society at large, as well as business partners, customers, and suppliers.

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