The assignment was to create a logo and corporate identity for the extensive programme of the Maastricht Treaty 25th Anniversary. Yet, in a time of Brexit and growing Euroscepticism, the dialogue about Europe is more pressing than the Treaty. That is why we added a call to attention: Europe Calling! This title exudes urgency. It is assertive, energetic, and appeals to young people at whom the programme is predominantly aimed. It is a call that says: ‘Europe needs you!’ It is also a cheeky reference to the Eurovision Song Contest. ‘This is Copenhagen calling with the results of the Danish jury.’ Only this time, we have all of Europe on the line! The logo is a thought cloud. The dots refer to the activist pop-art produced by Roy Lichtenstein. The fat capital font adds to the power of the call. It states that this is not the time to abandon ship but to work together to find the solutions! We reversed the colours of the European flag for the purpose of reflection. The result: a powerful, noticeable, and easy to use logo.

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