The Eslite Suzhou was designed revolving the concept of being an aesthetic living gallery, with the bookstore as a core idea. With its combination of natural, modern, and Eastern tranquility and reservation, it is a minimalistic space that showcases order, class, quality, and detail. Extracting the charm from the park and the essence of Suzhou.

Simple elegance is the core concept, in order to present a tranquil reading space and focus on class and quality. The main hall is the central space for bringing together an exchange of ideas. The Art section, using a combination of classic and contemporary design language captures a sense of artistic substance. The Literature section combines words with an airy tea culture, symbolizing a dialogue between the East and West. Behind the main hall is the towering and lengthy Variety section with the soaring shelves designed to extend vision and draw in gentle light, making the section feel like a tranquil alley way. Lastly the Music Cafe is where coffee and culture meet as people enjoy the music and pore over books by full-height windows. Every design and sensation is a product of careful consideration.

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