The unforgettable opening ceremony is the heart of the festivities at FIS Alpine World Ski Championships St. Moritz 2017.
A huge landmark installed on the extension of the event stage overlooks the Championships and the valley. Standing 19 meters tall in the typical slalom crouch, Edy watches over the entire spectacle in Kulm park – the stage for all the ceremonies. A fascinating light show brings him to life. Images and films are projected onto his uneven surfaces. Accessible by foot, Edy is a 36-ton wooden structure with multiple platforms for artists and moderators. The giant got his name from the famous Edy Reinalter – born in 1920 in St. Moritz and the only Swiss Olympic Slalom Gold Medallist to date. Countless selfies with him and various media reports went around the world.
The proposals for the production are based on the marketing strategy of Engadin St. Moritz – the contrast between dazzling and inspiring. The authentic use of regional wood and the future-oriented implementation of the crystalline mountain landscape fulfills this versatility.

Additional facts: 637 panels, 20’000 screws, size of shoe 540

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