Eatea 120 is a tea brand that makes different kinds of products that are hard to find anywhere else. The brand name is from the Taiwanese old saying – stay healthy and live until 120. Inspired by that concept, every product is made fresh and no additives are needed in its sophisticated making process, providing only healthy and natural products to customers. It hopes to let more people know what the authentic taste of Taiwan is from its Taiwanese tea related products.

It took inspiration from the old saying – eat something sweet to bring in good fortune for the launch of its good-fortune candy series that shows the true spirit of traditional belief in Taiwan. The packaging design highlights the brand story and religious traditions, featuring three deities: God of Wealth, Matzu (Sea Goddess) and God of Love. Taiwanese religious belief seems to come alive in the modern and simple illustrations. Its milk carton design is a perfect match for milk candy, making it stand out compared to similar products. The new packaging design and the religious legacy have been translated into its unique brand value.

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