Since 2015, virtual reality is on the rise and clairvoyants predicting still that VR is the next big thing. The problem: Without any product experience, people don’t buy the necessary hardware because they don’t know it’s benefit and never had the aha-reaction.

DISCOVR THE WORLD ignites curiosity and introduces intense experiences: by empowering
everybody to see and feel the diversity of our planet in only 80 seconds with all their senses.

Three visitors at a time discovered the bursting colors at Holi festival in Rajasthan and the
humidity of the Ekom Falls in the Cameroon jungle. They travelled from a windy monk
ceremony at 3.500 metres height in Kashmir to the blazing heat of the Namib Desert. They
felt the cold at a million of years old ice lagoon at Iceland and smelled an explosion of spices
at the Gwangjang market in Seoul.

We built an innovative 4D VR-booth that recreates the multisensory experience of each destination. Modules like a water dispenser, scent diffusor, 3D-sound system, wind machine and heater are synchronized with the virtual journey to create the most immersive experience, showcasing the opportunities of VR-technology.

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