Dettol Foam Magic is a study in innovation, being able to perfectly emulate the magic it promises. The product’s white and chrome colours suggest luxury and sophistication, notions which are amplified by the dispenser’s transparency. This refillable dispenser reduces packaging waste and ensures that cleanliness is a permanent fixture in your house, whilst the sensor technology delivers a seamless user experience, ensuring that you never have to touch the device with a dirty hand. But the real magic comes from the soap itself. The aqueous soap transforms to a thick, soft foam before your eyes. A moment that has the potential to bring joy and wonder to younger users. The fact that the soap enters your hand as a foam also saves water, as it relinquishes the need for pre-rinsing.
The whole experience is neatly wrapped up in a bold and distinctive box which conveys the product story in a modern, fun and engaging way. The pack incorporates tactility, through debossed bubbles on a sleek white surface, combined with a strong extractable brand unit for the product name, formed of a bubble of foam with playful typography, to give a distinctive identity for the product across all touchpoints.

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