The audio publishing company is the audiobook publisher for all who love stories and enjoy listening. DAV stands for brilliant entertainment, outstanding voice-over artists and first class quality. For quite a long time now, DAV has succeeded in bringing together successful narrative and modern forms of production and exploitation into an aesthetic harmony, which have been awarded the German Audiobook Prize and are at the top of the charts. The new CD is a visual statement for a traditionally conscious, but modern audiobook publisher. In line with the culture of the DAV, we did not develop the brand image radically but evolutionarily. The logo is almost classic in terms of its basic forms, with its two-dimensionality and monochromaticity. As far as its combination and application it is modern and has high recognition value. This guarantees the greatest possible freedom in the design of specific titles. It was important that the staging of the audiobook topics remain the focal point of the design and the sender is nevertheless clearly recognizable. The design elements are colour-matched to the title and are accompanied by harmonious motifs that match the content of the audiobooks.

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