The ‚All Wah‘ campaign was designed to create buzz around the Converse brand within a number of key sub-cultures. Artists wearing the sneakers on-stage would leverage significant exposure and celebrity endorsement and simultaneously position the brand as innovators within the footwear industry.

The remit of the packaging was to excite these potential brand ambassadors and make them want to try out the product on-stage.

The Converse ‘All Wah’ is a re-imagination of the classic All Star sneaker. The ‚hacked‘ sneaker was sent to select rock stars and incorporates a guitar effects pedal into the sole to produce the iconic ‘Wah’ sound.

The packaging design similarly redefines the classic shoe box and provides an injection of theatrics around the product reveal; It had to excite rock stars and make them want to try out the product.

With presentation of the product a key feature within the design; the internal display places one shoe on a diagonal platform within the box. This references the silhouette or ghost of the old ‘Wah‘ pedal, a poetic homage to the memory of the old device.

The packaging was produced in very limited numbers in the Burgopak Studio, London.

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