This is a global developing society filled with gorgeous materials. As them be richer, the desire for them be stronger which bound people’s hearts and make them neglect their beliefs and the value of their lives.
This light installation is constructed circle by circle which shows the constraint from materiality of society to human and individual desires to human, which is thought-provoking.
The 12 signs from outer circle represent the luxury brands, jewellery, power or other attractive things which form a shape like a clock to stand for the time filled with materials in people’s daily lives and restrict them.
The inner circle with crosses on it was inspired by zoetrope. We defined it as the origin of human nature. Close to the outside of it is a layer of cover sheets which represent the constraint after material desire produce in people’s minds. In a circular movement, the cover sheets cut the light from the light source and make the cross indistinct. We have to focus carefully to catch the cross.
Why don’t we take more bright eyes to see the society full of desire and reflect ourselves to find the inner beliefs before we fall asleep every night?
Can you see the cross?

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