The Tek2 Pro can provide advanced fingerprint encryption for storing privacy information or secure data for data sensitive clients by independent system without reinstall specific software repeatedly when switching between different OSs or PCs.
Currently, there are many software encryption products or hardware encryption products, most of which relies heavily on the traditional password protection, and sometimes password is easy to be cracked. However, the advanced algorithm of fingerprint encryption is very hard to be cracked comparatively. Furthermore, the way of traditional password encryption relies too much on specific software of different manufacturers, so that if they will have to find or reinstall specific software to identify their device again. However, this product can be encrypted by its independent working mode.
Biometric technology in FPC by using thermal sensing, pressure sensing and capacitive sensing which can strengthen the security of the data effectively.Humanized encryption method; Rigorous industrial design; Fully meet the design idea of „Simple, Beauty, Convenience, Safe and Intelligent“.
You are the key to safe and worry-less transmission of your data.

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