tolino tab 8.9″

Read, listen, watch:
tolino tab 8.9″ offers a perfect media experience at home and on the road. Movies, TV shows and music have their full effect thanks to the high-quality stereo front speakers. The razor-sharp typefaces and videos of the HD color display round off the experience. You also feel this when video chatting or while surfing the Net.

Flexible, free, open:
tolino tab offers its users complete freedom. Thousands of books, songs and videos from various providers are available. Additionally, tolino tab runs on an upgradeable Android operating system and offers all the advantages of an Android tablet.

Convenient, handy, classy:
The size of tolino tab 8.9″ is designed primarily for lean-back use at home, but it is also a good travel companion. Since the tablet is often held for longer periods, particular value was placed on the haptic experience of the design. The device is captivating with its touchstone feel created by its rounded shaping and the textured surface of the back shell case. The soft-touch metallic finish and the metal inserts simultaneously accentuate the premium quality of the product.

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