Rugged panel PC is a 7-inch panel PC developed based on ARM platform. Apart from “Rugged” design which is characteristic of EVOC embedded computers, the product also features a unique style of “lightweight, practicability, safety and reliability”. The panel PC has thickness of only 15mm, and weight of 0.6Kg. The panel PC adopts WXGA LCD, and its luminance can reach more than 400cd/square meter, and is clearly visible under sunlight. The multi-point capacitive touch screen provides friendly human-machine interface, with low power consumption, long service life, support for gloves, touch in the rain, which ensures smooth operation. The panel PC has multiple I/O ports and intelligent panel components, and focuses on flexibility and practicability of the PC. The product adopts a 10000mA lithium battery, with more than 8-hour battery life. The PC has a protection level of IP67, with no damage after dropping to concrete from 1.2m height. The product can resist -30 – +60 degree Celsius humidity and temperature environment, which makes it safe and reliable. As handheld or vehicle-mounted equipment terminal, the product can easily withstand military, vehicle and other harsh environment.

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