The G PAD4 8.0 is a new concept tablet that can combine or detach an expandable PLUS PACK with the body, based on the user’s intentions, to create the optimal scene.
With an 8-inch FHD screen, the body is ultra slim, ultra-lightweight and portable, making it one of the most competitive 8-inch tablet models.
The design shape provides a good grip, with its soft curved surface and precise pattern.
Connecting the PLUS PACK to the basic body boosts performance. The Plus Pack includes a 4,500 mAh auxiliary battery, a stereo speaker for powerful sound, and USB A and B ports for greater compatibility.
When combined with the body, these features provide the user a variety of conveniences. It also serves as a useful stand for using the tablet, allowing the tablet to be mounted at various angles.
Attaching the PLUS PACK to the body is very intuitive and simple, using a magnet and a pogo pin. The concept of the TF8 offers an additional variety of expansion experiences, fulfilling both the portability and functionality that were difficult for a tablet to meet on its own.

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