This mouse pad is smart and designed for PC gaming and esports. The extremely large surface makes the gaming mouse move unrestricted. While the using of particularly developed PC texture veneer facilitates the data track of gaming mouse sensor, providing users a more smooth and accurate experience.
There are more characteristics for this pad: a wireless charging coil has been built in it, which is matched to any wireless charging devices;the charging operation is so easy that users can use it without prelesson – just put the device on the indicated area of pad, the charge begins; Easy use allows users to enter the game world and charge the smartphone at the same time;
Exquisite aluminum knob provides rich light modes and can be operated with one touch or a rotation.The light can give feedback of charging status, users can control it easily and have fun from it.
The bottom of the mouse pad is with anti-slipping TPU material. Geometric texture design enhances the friction, so that the mouse pad can stay on the table as stable as fixed on it. No matter how strong players shake the mouse, the pad can keep its original position and still.

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