Solving poor connectivity with USB-C

Driven by employee demand, over 80% of organisations worldwide are adopting mobile
work styles and enabling people to work from anywhere. At the same time, many workers
consider their office to be a poor ‘base station’ because it offers few, slow or complicated
connectivity options that are often inconveniently located.

Link lets you ‘Bring Your Own Device’ to the office and make connections to the workstation
hardware of today and that of the future. It’s simply ideal for hot desking and offices where
high tech is the norm, not the exception. Link enables you to upgrade any Viewlite monitor
arm without having to unscrew a single thing which makes installation really easy.

• One cable for power, A/V and data
• USB-C plug and play
• Charge your laptop while you work
• Connects to multiple displays
• Sleek and slender aluminium body
• Rests firmly on your desktop

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