With O! macworm Huback, you no longer have to band your body to strange angle just for plugging a USB device onto your iMac.

Do you feel uncomfortable when you try to plug a USB driver onto your iMac? Ozaki comes up with O! macworm Huback, a USB hub for new iMac. It brings four USB ports to the front side. Therefore, it becomes so easy for user to plug a USB driver, an iPhone an so on.

Structure of O! macworm Huback is designed to fit and snap on iMac perfectly. When it is installed, you will find it is just like an original part of iMac. As Huback is attached to iMac, you never lose it. It will not occupy extra space nor create big mess.

Plastic resilience is the major concern when we chose the material. This feature makes O! macworm Huback easy to intall. Plug and clip, these are what all you have to do.

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