Moto Z2018 gift box is fully customized for the Moto Z2018 mobile phone. The traditional packaging design of mobile phone uses white cardboard and grey board and ordinary printing processing. In order to give the target customers more luxury open-box experience, We use the fiber board as the main support structure wrapped with high-grade dark-line PU leather and pressure concave Motorola logo. For the inner structure and materials, we use double EVA flannelette materials and coated with grey flannel. Besides introducing the laser cutting technology on the EVA to form the round hold so that all in box accessories could be perfect displayed. Besides we have designed ergonomic leather handle which is more convenient to carry out of door. Another intention of our design is reusing, EVA and grey flannel are commonly used in high-end jewelry packaging, when we remove all parts from the leather box, It can be transferred as a jewelry box, laser cutting holes can be placed with watches and etc. In summary. The high-grade leather appearance, the usage of cross-border materials, the structure design innovation and the intent of design reuse all reflect the innovative packaging design.

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