1.  Making with limited modules, let users use in diversity, Individuation spaces.
2.  Module designed will have aggressive, competitive cost, well for material management.
3.  Diversification design make users completely for Spatial Planning.
4.  Different kind of material design to have users with flexible choices.
5.  Faster charging function, integrate with smart phones , tablets usage.

6. Special design for cable management.

The three-stage adjustable height, integrated diverse functions, providing comfort and convenience of use of the environment and improve work efficiency.
Friendly human interface, Innovative module design, comfort with Ergonomics and humane considerations.
„Office Products with long life cycle, the importance of product performance and ergonomic considerations always be neglected.
With a healthy working environment and more attention, ergonomic design professional products, the most development potential of the commodities market has become. The variety of functional integration, both beautiful and practical.“

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