That information kiosk is a device designed for public places, especially for these, where interactive information is needed (e.g. interactive maps, catalogs, product presentations).

The solid surface cover is carefully shaped in that way, that it looks thinner than it actually is, and the gentle shapes along with the solid cover material allow to harmoniously adapt the device to various types of interiors.

The device cover is made of solid acryl, that is resistant to minor impacts and easy to renovate. Kiosk is based on a stainless steel foot, that allows to attach the device permanently to the ground with proper steel bolts.

Both the mounting holes as well as the holes for power supply cables are carefully hidden inside the solid cover of the kiosk and are accessible through the inspection door equipped with a magnetic lock. The acrylic cover of the kiosk is 100% recyclable.

The device is equipped with a high–quality 32″ multitouch screen (or 46″ in a bit larger version) along with properly configured computer, that provide users with fully interactive support for all applications.

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