The ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel is the world’s most innovative compact live video production control panel. Designed specifically for live multi-camera sports events, concerts and TV broadcasts, it pairs portability with the speed and reliability of physical control, allowing independent producers to leverage broadcast quality, real-time switching technology. It is an integral tool in the professional workflows of Al Jazeera, NTT and Manchester City FC.

At just $2995, ATEM 1 M/E is an affordable, empathetic solution for high pressure live production scenarios demanding long hours of concentration and an ability to react instinctively to unexpected events and changing conditions. Its compact, durable CNC machined aluminium design presents a clear, ordered work space, with an ergonomic layout of physical controls placing critical functionality at user’s fingertips. This eliminates time-consuming navigation of complex GUIs for reliable, real-time control over transitions, digital video effects and up to 20 video inputs. Bespoke switcher buttons have smooth scalloped caps to reduce distracting reflections and offer positive tactile engagement for error-free blind operation.

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