Astuto, a disruptive way of using all e-devices

The Astuto is an ultraportable, universal and ergonomic stand for laptop and tablet computers, Smartphone’s and smart TV’s. It can be used everywhere and offers several stable and comfortable working positions. The stand is light, robust and compact once folded. It has an attractive design, as recognized by all the initial testers and medias. Opened or folded in 5 seconds, it responds to the current trend of Digital Nomadism : working anywhere, comfortably with any kind of electronic devices. The user becomes totally independent from the environment : no need for a desk or table. The multi-layers anti-slip straps distribute equally the load and offer an unmatched comfort, even for long usage at home or on the go.

Several patents have been filed in the US, in Europe and in Asia. Most of them are already granted.

In order to offer a complete solution, two other products have been designed :
– a Bluetooth keyboard sized for the Astuto, fastened magnetically and offering an innovative pairing + OS memory system ;
– a bag series to travel light with the electronic device , the Astuto and its keyboard.

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