AIRTAME – A Wireless HDMI Adapter for Everyone.

The AIRTAME is a smart and intuitive solution to seamlessly stream your content – wirelessly.

Presentations, movies, family photos, games or websites can now be easily transferred in Full HD to any TV, projector or monitor without the hassle of using cables.

AIRTAME also allows you to simultaneously duplicate your computer screen onto other devices. You can easily share content with other users or display it on a big screen, for example at lecture halls or stores.

Another key AIRTAME feature is the direct wireless transmission of information from one PC to another, thus enhancing the workflow.

AIRTAME is small, lightweight and easy to use. The soft and pleasant ergonomic shape combined with the matt surface underlines its elegant design. The AIRTAME’s tapered upper half and resulting minimal size make it easy to plug adapters and cables next to it.

The AIRTAME works with iOS, Windows and Linux.

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