As the world’s first cable-free high performance RGB DRAM memory targeting high-end gaming enthusiasts and PC modders, the Trident Z RGB embodies a patented fully-uncovered light bar specially tuned to maximize color vibrancy in all directions on an extruded solid aluminum heatspreader in hairline finish, creating a powerfully vivid modern look in high-end system builds while providing efficient passive cooling for product durability. Combining sophisticated LED placements with customized microchips and software, this is the first RGB memory designed to allow 5 independent controllable colors on a single module, unlocking limitless lighting combinations and smooth color transitions to match any color schemes, including a unique streaming rainbow wave effect by default. With personalizing hardware aesthetics becoming more prevalent in PC builds, gamers and modders can install Trident Z RGB in conjunction with other RGB-enabled hardware to flexibly create a multitude of custom themes without changing hardware. Engineered with high quality hand-picked IC memory chips on a custom PCB layout, this is also the first RGB memory capable of achieving extreme speeds of up to DDR4-4700MHz.

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