The Fire Kylin e-sports computer case was born for the age of e-sports, provide Utility and Fashion hardware support for e-sports.It is not a dull square box any more, these cases also have ornamental value and has been well received since its launch, the price is five or six times the price of a regular box in the market.As is known to all, the traditional case need to open injection mold , the production cost is very high , and waste resource . The Fire Kylin case is completed by metal cutting and bending, no need to open mold..The surface of the Fire Kylin adopts anodic oxidation process, it has good metallic gloss, the other case only use rough injection process.
At last, the Fire Kylin has an aggressive stance, The large aluminum alloy legs support the whole tower body, The front panel was drawn from a heavy machine gun, Give people a strong visual impact.

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