The Overland Storage SnapServer Series is a line of Network Attached Storage (NAS) products developed for the small/medium business space. It features a new iconic design language which exhibits minimalism, honest materials, and intuitive features. The bold blue asymmetric branding block highlights the Overland Storage brand and is instantly recognizable when seen in a data center or office environment. The clean front bezel is machined from an aluminum plate and has a bead blast anodized finish. The front plate is supported by a recessed black core that contains concealed venting and which makes the front plate appear to be floating. Key interaction zones are highlighted by blue touch points. The desktop version’s front door has a blue tab feature, which when pulled releases a magnetic latch, providing access to 4 internal hard drive bays. On the rack-mounted version, the hard drive carriers’ eject buttons are also highlighted in blue. The SnapServer series is simple and easy to use, and provides small businesses with a trusted solution for their storage needs.

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