Built It How You Want It! The Apexgaming Hermes is a revolutionary high performance Mid-Tower gaming case that gives passionate gamers the flexibility to build a computer case like no others! The Hermes offers a variety of front panel choices for gamers to make the front panel combination whatever they want. The upper front panel and lower front panel could be separated and have different combinations. Versatile front panel materials and color options make the case creation have no limitation. Gamers could utilize the different upper and lower front panels to build their own unique dream case that well-represented themselves. Moreover, a transparent front panel and the metal mesh front panel allow light from the LED fans to shine through and give the case a fancy lighting effect. Air or water cooling can be optionally fitted. The case offers ample space for up to seven 120mm RGB fans, one maximum 360mm radiator, seven expansion slots. Furthermore, E-ATX motherboards and graphics cards up to 432 mm in length can be installed. This great flexibility in the internal space arrangement gives gamers/builders outstanding choices to arrange their hardware for best performance.

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