Today many notebook computers can fold backwards into a tablet, but their designs are centered around notebook mode usage, and look misaligned when folded into a tablet. Our vision was to create a device that is equally comfortable as a tablet or a notebook, and maintains its form integrity in any mode- a true multi-mode device.

That pursuit led to the circular profiles at the back edges of the LCD and body of the notebook. As the notebook folds, these circular profiles maintain their alignment with the circular forms of the hinges, and orbit each other like gears.

When the YOGA 730 arrives into tablet mode, the top edge of the LCD lines up perfectly with the edge of the body, creating one cohesive form. This alignment was enabled by angling the hinge forward instead of aligning it vertically. This angled rear also lends a dynamic stance to the machine and helps it appear even thinner.

The resulting sleek, minimal form of the YOGA 730 presents one of the most pure and simple yet dynamic notebook designs available.

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