Sunniwell smart gateway is based on OpenWrt development system and follows IEEE 802.11b/g/n standard access, which is a smart device with excellent wireless and network functions. The mobile app can help users remote control or centralized operation the device to grasp the device status in real time.
The inspiration of industrial design comes from the unique shapes of pebbles by the sea. The sea water ground away the surface of pebbles through hundreds and thousands of centries, till the edges and corners disappeared.The irregular triangle shape is easier for user to grip, edges and corners with different radian can also be applied to users with different grip habits.
This smart gateway is convenient for business trip or travelling, with the merits of small size and excellent portability. Moreover, it can also be used as a router. The elegant silver and black color exterior design is perfectly suitable for business people, the contrast of colors and materials unite the practicality and artistic quality. Also, the side slot for power cords storage. All the elements unites the practicality and artistic quality. Every detail makes this product so impressive and fascinating.

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