RuggedPad rugged notebook computer is a portable computer designed for harsh and hostile environment. The product mainly targets the needs for anti-harsh environment, information security and ergonomic design. The product design is fashionable, tough and sprightly. Adopting complete magnesium/aluminum alloy technology, convex top shell covering an integrated modeling, fully-sealed protection, and high-performance expansion patented technology, the product has a rugged and tough industrial beauty and power, with a strong sense of technology and personalized career style. The LCD and hard drive of the computer possesses multiple layers of protection, fingerprint recognition, TCM and other safety functions. Combining anti-vibration, anti-pressure, anti-drop, waterproof, dustproof, anti-EMI, portability and other excellent performances, the product can be used in a wide range of harsh environments, such as rescue commanding, individual combat, equipment testing, polar expedition and outdoor measurement and control.
Compared with similar products on the market, this rugged notebook has a lot of innovations in its design, attracting attention of people in and out of this industry.

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