FX504 continues to refine the radiating X-design first seen on its predecessor, FX503. Taking inspiration from spacecraft designs and rugged cybernetic armor, FX504 has futuristic lines and a three-dimensional lid to leave a stunning visual impact.
The lid edges feature striking red accents that resemble the power source of cybernetic armor – an elaborate representation of beauty and performance.
The three-dimensional design continues once you open the lid, where you’re greeted by a recessed keyboard that’s surrounded by slightly raised geometric lines. This unique arrangement is ergonomic and pleasantly comfortable on the wrists since the keycaps are perfectly placed in relation to the palm rest.
FX504 was created for intense gaming and efficient multitasking, and it looks the part. It’s available in four different designs that appeal to both gamers and professionals, and suits any personality type. Its metallic Premium Steel finish even features a glowing red ASUS logo — the perfect embodiment of gaming and style.

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