Switch 7 Black Edition is the world’s first fan-less 2in1 with discrete graphics. It’s an innovative detachable 2in1 that can work as a tablet or a laptop for work, play, and create. Switch 7 is quite standout for the innovation. It got patents on two innovative designs.
Switch 7 quipped with patented dual Liquidloop™ cooling system, which creates a quiet environment while using the laptop. No more fan noise and no dust issue.

Another patented design is the AutoStand™. Switch 7’s kickstand is unique on the market. It can be auto-deployed and auto-retracted, while most of other competitors‘ kickstand need to be pulled out and retracted back manually, which is time-consuming and does not work efficiently.

Switch 7 also comes with an innovative integrated in-screen fingerprint reader designed with POA (Power on Authentication), allowing you to turn on and login instantly simply with just one touch.

Furthermore, it bundles with an embedded stylus powered by Wacom EMR technology, featuring a robust body, battery-free, and more accuracy for authentic writing or sketching. This device is full of creation and power to satisfy every demand on your daily life.

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