With the craftsmanship of building a samurai sword, the “world’s thinnest” 13.3” high performing laptop has been created by blending together the three elements of sharpness, hardness and craftsmanship. The computer was made out of metal that is only 9.7 MM thick, 308.9 MM long and 218.5 MM wide. The size of the computer did not become larger due to its thinning. Also, its screen has a slim bezel design that is only 5 MM wide. While it exceeded the weight of the present day 13” laptops, it has achieved the target of being less than 1 KG.
The line alternation along its sword-blade sides highlights the thinness and agility of this laptop. With the first and exclusive “multi-color heat transfer printing technology” of all manufacturers, it presents an unprecedented special texture and visual enjoyment regarding high-tech products with the highly realistic marble pattern on its metal case. In addition, the application of the unique electro deposition skills has replaced the color limitations of the traditional anode manufacturing process and provided better scratch-resistance and wear-resistance, demonstrating the persistence of perfectly combining technology with craftsmanship.

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