LoRun is a park level communication gateway based on LoRaWAN protocol , running the Linux operating systems . It supports multichannel concurrency , builds a large – capacity system efficiently , realized collecting , managing , controlling and transmitting application node of LoRa . its operating Frequency is 433-915MHz , coverage of city environment is 3km , coverage of empty quarter reach 15km . LoRun has a level of 10 nodes , supports 100000 device nodes , getting through 2G/3G/4G to connect cloud platform . It has high sensitivity in large rage and distance , adapts data transmission automatically , multi-gateway network backup , lightning protection , waterproof IP67 , dedicated to the creation of united smart city.
The slots on the surface not only make the product look more professional, but we also design the split-part of the upper and lower shells to ensure the integrity of the appearance . It is necessary to take full account of the complexity of outdoor environment . we designed multiple threading ports and fixed ports in the outdoor stent to make more flexible , also designed the thread fixation to avoid the appearance of product line clutter .

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